Leave Management

Employee leave management is no more a hassle. With sprite.work leave manage your employee attendance and absence data without the chance of any human error or miscalculations. Its simplicity and varied functionality makes leave management easy for both the employee and the employer.

Team members can simply view leave requests and its corresponding status of being pending, approved, declined or cancelled right on their home screen. For employers, it provides a comprehensive report of all their leaves, leave balances and individual status.

  • Let your team plan and apply for leaves in advance and get online approvals against set quotas
  • Publish organisation specific holiday calendar.
  • Manage leave applications, quotas and approvals online.
  • Notifications for leave requests make sure managers know about team leaves in time.

Comprehensive report of all employee leaves, leave balances and individual status


Publish company wide holidays for everyone to access


View all events together to understand business impact