Sprite.work a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines workplace projects, tasks, leave planners, timesheets and attendance. Sprite.work takes away the need to maintain different software for common use cases at work - be it small or large corporate enterprises

Projects and Tasks

Organise work into projects and tasks

  • Manage tasks from anywhere
  • Assign tasks to team members and track progress.
  • Analyse efforts, time and resources on a project.

Timesheets and attendance

  • Get insights into the time your team spends on at work.
  • Timesheets help control time spent on certain work items against budgets.
  • Automatically track your team's punch-in and punch-out time.
  • Analyse punch-in and punch-out data across resources and days of the month.

Leave Management

  • Let your team plan and apply for leaves in advance and get online approvals against set quotas
  • Manage leave applications, quotas and approvals online.
  • Notifications for leave requests make sure managers know about team leaves in time.
  • Publish company-wide holiday calendar.

Dashboards and Analytics

Dashboards and linked analytics give managers insights into the work

Analytics are provided across features e.g. projects, tasks, attendance, timesheets, actual vs budget efforts.